Reasons for the Importance of an SEO Friendly Website Structure

A good website structure actually affects SEO optimization and helps the website to appear in the position or the first page of the Google search engine, especially if the website structure you have created is SEO friendly. One of the SEO factors that Google’s algorithm assesses is user experience. With a good user experience, it will certainly make it easier for users to find and find the information they need, and make it easier for Google bots to browse the various pages on your website. To help you get the best result, you can ask a trusted SEO Company.

Website structure is quite important for a website because it will affect users in finding and finding the information they need. Here are some other reasons why the website structure is very important, namely:

Affects User Experience
A good website architecture or structure besides making it easier for users to find information also affects the user experience of your website visitors. With good navigation, it allows users to easily find the content or product they want. Imagine if your website visitors have difficulty finding the desired page, of course, these visitors will be disappointed and immediately leave your website.

Ease of Crawling Process
If your website structure is good, it will make it easier for web crawlers to index your content on search engines. This happens because between the navigation and the content that has been made relevant.

Show Sitelinks in Search Engines
In addition to making it easier for crawler bots to index, it turns out that a good website structure makes your website get sitelinks on search engines. Sitelinks are unique displays that appear on the Google search engine that show important pages on a website. The benefits of Sitelink include increasing brand reputation, increasing customer trust, dominating search results, increasing click rates, and increasing conversions.

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