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British Royal Family Loves Range Rover Car

With its comfortable, luxurious, yet resilient character, the Range Rover is believed to be the personal car for the leadership of the British Empire. Queen Elizabeth II has a Range Rover to support their mobility in their spare time. Despite being nearly a century old, both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philips still enjoy driving their cars. Slightly different from Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philips chose Land Rover products for daily activities. Meanwhile, if you also want to rent this car, we recommend you call the best company of range rover hire london.

Prince Philips, as quoted by the BBC in early 2019, had an accident while driving the Land Rover Freelander 2. The 97-year-old man collided with a Kia car carrying two women. The man with the title of the Duke of Edinburgh reportedly suffered no injuries or injuries even though his Range Rover was crushed and overturned.

Elizabeth II has long loved Land Rover products, including the Range Rover. Historically, his love for the Range Rover began with his passion for Land Rover products that were passed down by King Edward, the King of England at that time. The Queen of England often even enjoys free time driving in the Sandringham or Balmoral area.

Queen Elizabeth has several Range Range Rover units with different variants. Some are used for private vehicles and some are created specifically for state ceremonies. For the state ceremony, Jaguar Land Rover in 2015 made the Range Rover Landaulet, a car with an open roof.

Just like other state parade cars, this roof is deliberately made open so the Queen can stand and wave to the crowd. During the parade, Queen Elizabeth II stood accompanied by two bodyguards.

The last time the ruler of Great Britain was caught driving his car was in January. Elizabeth II with a grim face was caught on camera driving a black Range Rover. At the same time, Queen Elizabeth II appears to the public for the first time since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to quit the royal family.