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What’s the Right CBD Dosage For Me?

Determining the correct dosage is very important for the use of CBD. If you don’t know, find the right CBD dosage for you. In the following ways you will find out:

1. Ask your doctor for the correct dosage. The doctor can only give instructions regarding the dosage and how to use it most precisely, especially if the oil is used to treat certain medical conditions. Therefore, do not hesitate to convey your desire to use CBD oil to your doctor and ask for recommendations for the right product and dosage.

Doctors can even provide recommendations regarding a suitable drug brand.

Also, convey how you want to use it. Most likely, your doctor will ask you to avoid methods that could aggravate your medical condition. For example, CBD oil should not be smoked by patients who have asthma.

2. Check the dosage instructions listed on the packaging label. Most CBD products include dosage instructions on the packaging label. Read the instructions carefully to make sure the method and dosage you use is correct. Do not use the oil more than the recommended dose, even if the results are not satisfactory for you.

Remember, not all CBD products are right for you. In other words, don’t over-consume products that have proven ineffective. Instead, immediately replace it with a different product.

3. Use an online calculator to find the precise dosage. First, look online for specialized calculators for calculating CBD dosages (these are generally available on the websites of companies selling CBD oil-based products). After that, type in the volume of oil in the bottle, the volume of CBD it contains, and your weight. Armed with this information, the calculator will estimate the amount of oil you will need at each dose.

If purchasing CBD oil online, identify whether or not the calculators they provide are available for the most accurate dosage.

4. Use the lowest dose your body feels comfortable with. Experiment to find the dosage that best fits your needs. For example, take the lowest dose first, such as 1 drop of tincture, 1 vapor puff, or 1 whole CBD gum, then observe the effect. If you feel the results are not what you want, increase the dose, and observe the results again.

Since every product can have a different effect, try doing the same experiment for each product you try. For example, 2 different tinctures may have different concentrations of CBD oil. In other words, the best dosage for each product will probably be different.