The Difference Between Baseball And Softball Is Important To Know


Do you like baseball? This game is really fun. With a variety of must-have equipment, such as  cheap composite fastpitch softball bats , you can learn this game. But do you know the difference between baseball and softball?

At a glance at the game process, these two sports indeed become difficult to distinguish. But in fact, both of them still have differences that we need to know together, to see what the differences are, then below is a description that can be listened to.

Because we know softball, it is also important to know that baseball or baseball also chooses other terms. The term for baseball is hardball which is considered the opposite of softball and is one way of differentiating the two sports apart from looking at how they are played.

Field Size
The size of each location detail for the player’s position even to the length of the field for these two sports is the same. The shape is fairly the same, it’s just that the baseball field is known to be bigger when compared to the softball field. Apart from this, there are no other striking differences.

At first glance, the size of the ball used in softball and baseball looks no different, but actually, the size of a softball is several inches larger than a baseball. When measured and observed, baseball is smaller and is the same size as a tennis court ball.

Male and Female Players
In baseball, only men can play it and this has become a commonly known rule. That is one of the reasons why baseball is called hardball. Meanwhile, softball is more flexible because it can be played by both men and women.

In Olympic-level matches, softball games will be played by female or female players, but this sport can also be played by men and softball around the world by both boys and girls.

Rule of the game
In the game of baseball, we will get to know the stealing rule or in terms of stealing bases here. If the batter or the hitter has successfully reached base 1, 2, or 3, automatically for the next hitter the runner who is currently positioned at the base can and may leave the base as far as 3 steps.

After that, the runner can run to the next base while the ball is out of the pitcher or pitcher. This kind of thing only exists in the game of baseball, while for the rules of the softball game itself, the runner is not allowed to leave the base even 1 inch. Stealing in softball will only rely on the ability and speed of the runner. This rule applies because the distance between bases in softball is shorter than the bases in baseball.

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